ENRIITC Virtual Networking Meeting (15 & 16 October 2020)

If you missed registration, you can still join the plenary session on Day 1 (from 13:00 – 13:40), the evening event on Day 1 and all of Session 3.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at enriitc@ess.eu if you have any questions.

For trouble shooting, contact Madison Bell (call +46 72 179 25 57 or e-mail: madison.bell@ess.eu) or Maja Grälls (call +46 72 179 21 74 or e-mail maja.gralls@ess.eu)

Programme of activities over the two days:

DAY 1: Thursday 15th October

ENRIITC Networking Meeting Day 1
Zoom Meeting URL: https://zoom.us/j/98389585274?pwd=ZjdqK2I2MEFma1pKM3N0cVl3SDArQT09&from=msft

Meeting ID: 983 8958 5274
Passcode: 477604

13:00 – 15:00 CEST (Session 1)

“RI-Industry Collaboration incl. Table Discussions”

13:00 Welcome and Opening
Ute Gunsenheimer, Head of External Relations & EU Projects, ESS, ENRIITC Project Coordinator

13:05 The Importance of Research Infrastructure – Industry Collaboration in Horizon Europe
Johannes Klumpers, Head of Research and Industrial Infrastructures Unit, DG RTD, European Commission

13:15 Mapping of Research Infrastructure – Industry Collaborations / Survey Results
Ilaria Nardello, Research Associate, SZN, Leader ENRIITC WP 2

13:30 Instructions for Parallel Sessions
Anna Hall, Program Director, Big Science Sweden

13:40 Parallel Sessions in form of Table Discussions addressing the following topics:

  1. What are the barriers and ways forward to promote joint innovation and collaboration between Research Infrastructures and industry? Leaders: Table 1.1: Anna Hall (Big Science Sweden), Table 1.2: Gerard Cornet (ILO-net), Table 1.3: Erik Fernández (INEUSTAR), Table 1.4: Anton Ussi (EATRIS) 
  2. What are best practices on approaches and tools in communication between Research Infrastructures and industry? Leaders: Table 2.1: Nigel Wagstaff (EATRIS), Table 2.2: Jorge Lopez Reig (CDTI), Table 2.3: Franciska de Jong (CLARIN ERIC)
  3. How to we unlock the innovation potential of Research Infrastructures for the benefit of industry? Leaders: Table 3.1: Nikolaj Zangenberg (DTI), Table 3.2: Jimmy Andersen (ESS)
  4. What are the roles and responsibilities of the Research Infrastructure industrial contact point? Leaders: Table 4.1: Ed Mitchell (ESRF), Table 4.2: Arne Jensen (DTU)
  5. What are the needs concerning training and education for industry relations? Leaders: Table 5.1: Javier Echavarri Delmas (CDTI), Table 5.2: Ute Gunsenheimer (ESS)
  6. What are the most important channels and collaborators (e.g. technology parks, mediators, embassies) and how do you use them to engage with industry? Leaders: Table 6.1: Sylwia Wójtowicz (WPT), Table 6.2: Ana Belén del Cerro (CDTI)

14:45 Plenary / Close-out and Promotion of the Evening Session
Ute Gunsenheimer, Head of External Relations & EU Projects, ESS, ENRIITC Project Coordinator, and Anne-Charlotte Joubert, Grant officer, ESS, ENRIITC Project Manager

15:00 End of Session 1

19:00-19:45 CEST (Session 2)

“A Night in Granada”

ENRIITC Networking Meeting Evening Event

Zoom Meeting URL

Meeting ID: 971 6833 9826
Passcode: 649738

19:00 We are hosting an interactive ‘Spanish night’.

Since we are unable to meet in person in the city of Granada, we have decided to bring Granada to you! We are inviting you to attend a ‘Tapas Tutorial’ hosted by Ian Rutter (Co-founder of Granada Concierge, Cultural and Creative Holidays) who is doing a live cooking demo of Paella Arroz. We would love you to join, cook along and ask questions. The chef will also talk a bit about the origins of tapas and show some pre-prepared tapas examples. Those able to attend (and specified so during registration) will be sent a gift box containing various Spanish delicacies to enjoy while watching the tutorial.

DAY 2: Friday 16th October

ENRIITC Networking Meeting Day 2
Zoom Meeting URL

Meeting ID: 953 6491 1869
Passcode: 232533

11:30-13:30 CEST (Session 3)

“Reports from the Table Discussions”

The focus of day two will be on reporting the conclusions of the table discussions, followed by the opportunity for a Q&A session. This will be a time to connect with each other and make plans for the future.

11:30 Welcome and Opening
Anton Ussi, Operations and Financial Director, EATRIS ERIC, Leader ENRIITC WP5

11:40 Reports from the Table Discussions
Ilaria Nardello, Research Associate, SZN, Leader ENRIITC WP 2 Rapporteurs

13:00 ENRIITC Next Steps / Strategy Development and Focus Groups
Nikolaj Zangenberg, Director, Danish Technology Institute, Leader ENRIITC WP3

13:20 Conclusions and Close-out
Ute Gunsenheimer, Head of External Relations & EU Projects, ESS, ENRIITC Project Coordinator

13:30 End of 1st ENRIITC Networking Meeting