ENRIITC your Knowledge : series completed!

ENRIITC your Knowledge are online training and organisational webinars, targeted to experts involved in setting up collaborations between Research Infrastructures and Industry (such as ILO and ICO). Each webinar is standalone, free of charge and is now publicly available on YouTube, enabling training on demand to a wide audience and the overall aim of is to share expertise, skills and best practices.

  • Webinar #8 - ENRIITC our Knowledge: "Towards a broader and enhanced ENRIITC ILO & ICO network"

    THURSDAY 12 MAY 2022 | 15:00-16:30 CEST

    The objective of the webinar has been to share ILO & ICO endeavours and success stories dealing with lowering barriers in order to enrich the rest of our network through collaboration and new services.

    ENRIITC Members gave a quick speech during the webinar covering any of the questions below:

    • How have you engaged with interest from new angles, using innovative approaches?
    • What have been the drivers, success, barriers and failures of your recent initiatives for RI-industry collaboration?
    • What would be the characteristics of an ideal brokerage event or RI-industry collaboration?
    • How have you involved industry not previously engaged with RIs in the user or supplier side?
    • How have you helped bridge different ESFRI domains?
    • What ILO/ICO collaboration initiatives have proved successful to provide added value to RIs and industry?
    • How have you overcome communication or cultural barriers to provide a better service?

    Did you miss the webinar? Check the video here!

Best of ENRIITC your Knowledge – the video is out!
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