ENRIITC Consortium Brokerage Events

Research infrastructures on the ESFRI Roadmap are public investments and can thus by this virtue be deemed to be of vital national and European interest. By providing access to state-of-the-art instrumentation, they indirectly support excellent science. However, their impact is not only limited to research: RIs provide excellent opportunities for industrial users and suppliers alike.

ENRIITC will raise awareness among industry about business and R&D opportunities at RIs, by organising five brokerage events for industrial users and suppliers.

The planning of these events began in January 2021 (of which two of them already took place – ESS at TechConnect Europe in Malmö & ESRF at Les Rendez-Vous Carnot in Lyon) and will continue throughout the rest of 2022 with the others Consortium Members (BIG SCIENCE SWEDEN, CDTI and EATRIS).


    Pan-European partnering in Big ScienceBuilding excellent research facilities 

    Tuesday 8th February 2022 | Virtual

    Big Science facilities are currently making large investments and we need to form pan-European consortia to meet their needs and bid for contracts. This virtual brokerage event, will allow you to meet with experts from ITER/F4E, ESO, CERN and Dones, along with industry representatives from large system integrators and small SMEs.

    “How can we foster collaboration and partnering and what funding opportunities are available?”

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    • The complete agenda is available here!
    • Instruction to set up online 1-to-1 meetings can be found here!
  • CDTI

    All the information and details concerning CDTI Brokerage event are coming soon….#Staytuned!


    All the information and details concerning the EATRIS Brokerage event are coming soon….#Staytuned!

  • ESRF

    Le Rendez-Vous Carnot : Research Infrastructures and Health 

    Thursday 18 November, 2021 | Lyon, France

    RDV Carnot is the meeting where French industrialists and academics expect to engage with each other in a mixed environment. It is a trade show focused upon networking and business meetings and gathers approximately 2,500 to 3,000 participants each year.  For the 14th edition of Les Rendez-Vous Carnot, it was possible to take part physically as well as online and, during the second day, , the ESRF, ILL and other research infrastructures (together with the French Research and Innovation Ministry – MESRI), co-organised the Research Infrastructures and Health special conference event.

    This event forms the ESRF pilot event for industry engagement as supported by ENRIITC.

    Do you want to learn more? Check the article here!

  • ESS

    TechConnect Europe – Innovation Conference & Expo

    Tuesday 16 November, 2021 | Malmö, Sweden

    ENRIITC joined the TechConnect Europe Innovation Conference in Malmö, Sweden from 15-17 November 2021. Bringing together participants from all over the world and covering a broad scientific domain, this was a great opportunity to meet our project partners, Associates, and community members as well as to open discussions with our stakeholders, and envisage future collaborations. The second day of the three-day conference was the most critical, as it was the first ENRIITC pilot brokerage event, with 2 lunch workshops:

    • Big Science Lunch Workshop IAccelerating Innovation through Europe’s Research Facilities: Access, funding, expertise and more. 
    • Big Science Lunch Workshop IIBridging Research with Industry: engaging through intermediary service providers. 

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