Industry Liaison Officers (ILOs)

ENRIITC acknowledges a broad definition of Industry Liaison Officers (ILOs). For the purposes of the INFRAINNOV-02-2019 call, ILOs have been defined as officers “officially appointed by the Member States and Associated Countries to stimulate the collaboration amongst the national industry and the international RIs, providing advice on business opportunities, R&D collaborations, call for tenders and industrial services”.

Whilst this provides a general idea about the role of ILOs, it is important to note that there is no universal and commonly accepted definition of ILOs, their roles and responsibilities.

ILOs, sometimes also referred to as Purchasing Advisors, typically motivate the respective national industry to participate in tenders issued by research infrastructures, identify business opportunities at research infrastructures, promote them to national industry and support national industry in the development of bids if necessary.