The deliverables of ENRIITC consist of a number of reports, divided into each of the work packages, which will ensure that the relevant commitments of the project have officially been made. The reports for the deliverables will be publicly accessible from this page, as the project progresses.

Work Package 1: Project management and ENRIITC Network coordination

Work Package 2: Mapping of research infrastructure-industry collaborations

  • D2.1: Report on the mapping of industry as a supplier and user – M9
  • D2.2: Report on information portals and opportunities with RIs – M14
  • D2.3: Analysis of performance indicators of ILOs/ICOs across countries and domains – M14
  • D2.4: Report on drivers and barriers – M24

Work Package 3: Development and refining of strategies for innovation, training and outreach

  • D3.1: Strategy to exploit the innovation potential of RIs – M16
  • D3.2: Strategy for innovation and industry-RI cooperation – M17
  • D3.3: Strategy for training of ILOs/ICOs and outreach towards industry – M17
  • D3.4: A practical step-by-step guide for ILOs/ICOs to organise brokerage events – M17
  • D3.5: Policy recommendations for the optimisation of ILO/ICO performance – M30

Work Package 4: Raising awareness and demonstrating impact of research infrastructure-industry engagement

  • D4.1: Pilot training sessions evaluation report – M30
  • D4.2: Summary report on pilot brokerage events – M31
  • D4.3: Report on representative industry innovation case studies – M31

Work Package 5: Communication, dissemination and exploitation