ENRIITC 1st Networking Meeting

ENRIITC’s 1st virtual e-meeting has been scheduled for 15-16 October. The event is being planned as a great chance for participants to get to know one another, to launch the ENRIITC Network by holding table discussions to facilitate networking and collaboration among its members, and to offer a fun and interactive experience that will suggest the meeting is taking place in its original destination, Granada.

The two-day event will include:

DAY 1 (2-hr. session) – 15th October 13:00 – 15:00

On the first day, after a warm welcome and introduction,  all participants will be redirected to interactive table discussions around four specific topics that are also important to project partners. The topics in the table discussions are:

  1. What are the barriers and ways forward to promote joint innovation and collaboration between Research Infrastructures and industry,
  2. What are best practices on approaches and tools in communication between Research Infrastructures and industry,
  3. How to we unlock the innovation potential of Research Infrastructures for the benefit of industry, 
  4. What are the roles and responsibilities of the Research Infrastructure industrial contact point,
  5. What are the needs concerning training and education for industry relations, and 
  6. What are the most important channels and collaborators (e.g. technology parks, mediators, embassies) and how do you use them to engage with industry?

On the registration page, you are given the opportunity to choose which category(s) you would be most interested in discussing. From the data received, the event coordinators will organise guests into small groups for them to discuss one specific topic under one of their preferred categories.

On that same evening, an interactive ‘Spanish night’ is planned with social media activity (since we didn’t get to go to Granda!) A surprise gift basket will be sent to those that plan to attend.

DAY 2 (2-hr. session) – 16th October 11:30-13:30

The focus of day two will be on reporting the conclusions of the table discussions, followed by the opportunity for a quick Q&A session for further exchanges.

We’re excited to have a good time connecting with one another, and making plans for the future. The programme for the event is still being developed and more details will be made available accordingly. Please do not hesitate to contact us at enriitc@ess.eu if you have any questions.