The weekly half-hour coffee break for the ENRIITC community

#ENRIITCyourCoffee is a 30 minutes webinar series where people can join together virtually to the ENRIITC network, in order to learn, collaborate and stay connected.

Each episode begins with a short presentation on a topic, followed by an open discussion with an interactive Q&A session.

The activity was launched in November 2020 and the ENRIITC community strongly grew since then. Our members enjoy this format and keep on coming back, but we also welcome new participants every time: this constant engagement took us to Season 3 already!

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If you missed any of our past episodes, you are willing to run through our discussions again or even if you are just curious to learn more about the project, click on the links below and start the #ENRIITCyourCoffee journey!

  • #ENRIITCyourCoffee: SEASON 1

    • EPISODE 1 – How ICOs and ILOs can collaborate: the ILO perspective
      Article | Video  Hosted by : Gerard Cornet
    • EPISODE 2 – How ICOs and ILOs can collaborate: the ICO perspective
      Article | Video  Hosted by : Chris Tieken
    • EPISODE 3 –  How should RIs be organised internally to promote an innovation mentality?
      Article | Video Hosted by : Nikolaj Zangenberg
    • EPISODE 4 – RIs and Logistics: what are the key challenges for the supplier and the user side?
      Article | Video Hosted by : Ute Gunsenheimer
    • EPISODE 5 – Intellectual property: the ILO and ILO view on the drivers and barriers for industry at RIs
      Article | Video Hosted by : Edward Mitchell
  • #ENRIITCyourCoffee: SEASON 2

    • EPISODE 1 – A brave new world: moving to remote access and training
      Article | Video Hosted by : Claudia Alén Amaro & Johanna Bischof
    • EPISODE 2 – E Platforms for technology/knowledge transfer between industries and RIs     Article | Video  Hosted by : Ilaria Nardello
    • EPISODE 3 – Joint e-platforms for procurement from RIs
      Article | Video Hosted by : Nikolaj Zangenberg
    • EPISODE 4 – The role of a scientific provider in the collaboration between RIs and Industry: the case of Finden ltd
      Article | Video Hosted by : Uwe Sassenberg & Simon Jacques
    • EPISODE 5 – What is innovation procurement and why it is so important?
      ArticleVideo Hosted by : Stephan Corvers & Anabel Peiró Badequano
    • EPISODE 6 – The role of industry in technology development and testing at RIs
      Article | Video Hosted by : Claudia Pfander
    • EPISODE 7 – Monitoring and impact assessment of Research Infrastructures
      Article | Video Hosted by : Elina Griniece
    • EPISODE 8 – Training Opportunities for Industry Liaison Officers
      Article | Video Hosted by : Sylwia Wójtowicz & Cristina Lara Arnaud
    • EPISODE 9 – Training Challenges and Opportunities for ICO’s
      Article | Video Hosted by : Marco Galeotti, Iulianna Van der Lek & Shridhar Jawak
  • #ENRIITCyourCoffee: SEASON 3

    • EPISODE 1 – Open Data Resources : a driving force for innovation in the life science industry
      Article | Video Hosted by : Ilaria Nardello & Katharina Lauer
    • EPISODE 2 – Everyday life for a Big Science supplier
      Article | Video  Hosted by : Frida Tribblin-Citron & Leif Gjerlöv Jensen
    • EPISODE 3 – Bringing Industry into the European Open Science Cloud : the EOSC Digital Innovation Hub
      Article | Video Hosted by : Sy Holsinger
    • EPISODE 4 – ATTRACT, the deployment of a co-innovation European ecosystem of breakthrough detection and imaging technologies for scientific and commercial uses
      Article | Video Hosted by : Markus Nordberg & Pablo Garcia Tello
    • EPISODE 5 – Innovation impact of RIs through supplier relationships: a specific case of RIs’ Socio-Economic Impact
      Article | Video Hosted by : Jason Li-Ying, Nikolaj Zangenberg & Søren Bang Korsholm
    • EPISODE 6 – Towards the new EU Strategy on Technology Infrastructures
      Article | Video Hosted by : Muriel Attané
    • EPISODE 7 – Applied & industrial vs fundamental science – who should get access to research infrastructures?
      Article | Video Hosted by : Magnus Larsson, Edward Mitchell & Graham Appleby
    • EPISODE 8 – Improving opportunities of collaboration between industry and academy: from innovation mall to innovation partnership                                                                                                Article | Video Hosted by: Antonio Bonucci