The half-hour coffee break for the ENRIITC community and beyond

#ENRIITCyourCoffee is a webinar series where people come together online for 30 minutes each week to learn, discuss, collaborate and stay connected. Each episode begins with a short presentation on a topic, followed by an open discussion with an interactive Q&A session.

The activity was launched in November 2020 and the ENRIITC community strongly grew since then. Our members enjoy this format and keep on coming back, but we also welcome new participants every time: this sustained engagement from our community has led to us hosting a fifth season already!”

Season 4, which and it was dedicated to the RI Innovation Ecosystem, ended in December 2021. Now, Season 5 is ready to kick off!

Time left to the next #ENRIITCyourCoffee episode:

  • #ENRIITCyourCoffee: SEASON 5!

    • EPISODE 1 The RI-VIS project: Fostering cooperation beyond Europe                                     Hosted by: Sven Fahrner
    • EPISODE 2 “Neutrons : A Natural Tool for Industrial Research”                                                               Hosted by: Robin Woracek
    • EPISODE 3 – “The Neutron Quality Label (R): European effort towards harmonisation of neutron strain results towards industrial exploitation”                                                                                         Article and Video coming soon!
    • EPISODE 4 – “ELI ERIC: Establishing an innovation and technology framework”                                Article and Video coming soon!
    • EPISODE 5 – “The MOSBRI project: Challenges for the sustainability of INFRAIA projects after Horizon 2020″                                                                                                                                                              Registration open here!

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