Supplier-related past news and events

In this section you can find information about past news or events organised by ENRIITC members which focus on strengthening the dialogue between suppliers and research infrastructures, ICOs, and ILOs.

Steering Committee enjoys ESS tour

8 June 2022

Members of the Steering Committee of Big Science Sweden, kitted out in safety equipment, enjoyed their special guided tour of ESS.

The Steering Committee of Big Science Sweden had gathered for a meeting in Lund, and Anna Hall took the opportunity to arrange for the members to experience at first hand the fantastic building, which is now nearing completion at Brunnshög in northern Lund.

“What a great visit!” said a delighted Anna Hall. “It’s so good to so see ESS and the ESS people again after so long. My thanks to Mirko Menninga for hosting our visit.”

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Pan-European Partnering in Big Science

15 February 2022

Participants from 25 countries joined the virtual brokerage event, Pan-European Partnering in Big Science. They were interested in hearing what experts from ITER/F4E, ESO, CERN, and Dones had to say about upcoming business opportunities.

Representatives from large system integrators and SMEs also took part, and shared their experiences of collaborations and contracts. One of the speakers was Carl Johan Fagerström from Fagerström Industrikonsult, who had some important advice for SMEs.

“Be bold, understand the whole picture before starting up collaborations and consortia,” he said. “Target niche projects that are most suitable for the company, have a clear strategy plan, and be proactive.”

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BSBF High-Energy Accelerators and Synchrotrons: Need for co-operation with industry

03 December 2021

Anna Hall, Director Big Science Sweden and Swedish ILO, was moderator for the concluding panel discussion with the day’s speakers: Manuel Moreno, Spanish ILO, José Miguel Jiménez at CERN, Mats Lindroos at ESS, Jean-Claude Biasci at ESRF, Peter Spiller at FAIR, Thomas Tschentscher at XFEL, and Colin Carlile, Uppsala University and ESSnuSB collaboration.

The panel observed that the research facilities and industry are and will be facing many common technological challenges. Anna also asked which areas the research facilities saw as being most important to co-develop with industry. The panel members identified detector development and technological fields such as new materials, instruments, AI, software development, data science, and infrastructure service.

They also felt it was important to interact with society when tackling the major challenges, such as the goal to become energy neutral, and to foster expertise.

ILO-net industrieochtend en Holland@CERN

25 June 2021

On Friday afternoon 25 June a.s. again a Holland @ CERN took place, this time not at a location in Geneva, but, subject to corona measures, at Mikrocentrum.

The morning program informed companies of the latest developments within the Big Science organizations. The opportunities and possibilities for companies to participate in assignments were also highlighted. In addition, the activities of the ILO network have been reported in order to focus more on the key technology required for Big Science.

The afternoon program was entirely dedicated to the developments around CERN. In addition to contributions from the ministries and Nikhef, as well as CERN staff, there were five topics, pitches. During these pitches, a number of companies introduced themselves to CERN and to each other. This gave them the opportunity to tell about their core activities and possible developments.

Important input from SMEs on how to grow Big Science business

9 March 2021

Big Science Sweden recently hosted a successful discussion group, on behalf of ENRIITC, on topics relevant for suppliers to Big Science facilities. The discussion also included how the ILOs can work optimally as a bridging point between research facilities and companies.

Two interesting topics concerned how to bring down entry barriers for SMEs, and how to stimulate pan-European partnerships between companies on the Big Science market. Read more here.

Doing Business with Big Science Organisations: Webinars Online

20 December 2020

For ten years, has promoted the Danish industrial return from Denmark’s participation in the European Big Science facilities. They marked this with a series of “Doing Business with” webinars in the autumn of 2020 with presentations from facilities and companies.

The webinar series supported Danish companies’ business opportunities to deliver products and services to major European research facilities. Each webinar had a presentation by a purchasing manager or a purchasing manager from a research facility and presented a Danish company case from the same facility.

Furthermore, there was the possibility of follow-up 1: 1 meetings with the purchasing manager or the purchasing manager.

Here is a list of the sessions that took place:

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Poland Big Science HUB Webinar

19 June 2020

On Friday, June 19 on the Poland Big Science HUB portal, a webinar was organized by the Wrocław Technology Park, Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency and IT Corner company.

The webinar was a summary of the Science IT up event.

The main goal of the event was to popularize knowledge about Big Science among Polish industry, promote Polish projects and spread information on the needs of Big Science centers for new technological solutions.

As part of the project, issues of using IT in the industry related to Big Science – the demand for technologies, already available solutions and their application were raised.

We invited experts from CERN to share their knowledge. Also, newsletters and information was sent to Polish companies.

The webinar was attended by representatives of the companies: GMV, ZPAS, Space is More and Scanway.

All films can be viewed here.

You can watch the entire webinar here

Connecting Suppliers and Big Science Facilities Online

27 May 2020

The Danish network of Big Science supplier companies,, had a busy schedule planned prior to the outbreak of Covid-19 in March. A quite significant event that was planned was the Denmark@Cern event, planned for early April. At this, 20 Danish companies were scheduled to visit CERN for 2-3 days and have 1-1 meetings with technical and procurement staff.

In response to the pandemic, this event and many others were cancelled. As a replacement, arranged a series of 6 webinars this spring for companies: 1 titled “An Introduction to the Big Science Market,” 4 focused on individual facilities (CERN, ESS, ESO, and ITER), and a special one on how to make the Big Science market part of the company strategy.

The impact was quite large, with each webinar having 15-20 companies in attendance. is now considering using webinars as an integrated part of the service they provide to supplier companies.

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Winning Big Science Contracts

26 May 2020

Expert Graber-Soudry Discusses “Winning Big Science Contracts”

On Tuesday 26 May, 2020, Big Science Sweden hosted the virtual training session, “Winning Big Science Contracts.” Trainer, Public Procurement Expert, and EU Attorney Ohad Graber-Soudry presented: the main stages of the tendering process, how to more effectively submit to tenders, and explained tenderers’ rights for 20+ participants. As former Head of the Legal Division at ESS, he participated in and developed ESS’s procurement rules. This was a great opportunity to find out what we really need to do to win more contracts!

Agenda for the day

More specifically, the presentation discussed the importance of the legal framework; why procurement procedures matter; everything we need to know about technical specs; and he also spoke about exclusion, selection, and award criteria. The presentation through line explored how to maximise our chances of success when we’re drafting tenders.

Graber-Soudry’s key points and questions:

  1. Read and know all procurement documents carefully;
  2. Identify the required information and seek professional help from organisations like Big Science Sweden;
  3. It is crucial to understand the regulations at different types of plants. Is the facility a national or international organisation, or an ERIC (European Research Infrastructures)?
  4. This also applies to various legal frameworks.

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World Metrology Day 2020

20 May 2020

On the 20th of May we celebrated World Metrology Day 2020 with a webinar hosted by Big Science Sweden and RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden).

The World Metrology Day is celebrated on May 20 every year to celebrate the signing of the meter convention. When the Convention was signed in Paris in 1775 by 17 states, the aim was for a uniform measurement system to be used throughout the world, which in turn led to the introduction of the international measurement system, SI. SI has a fundamental role in our modern society and is a prerequisite for research, technology development and production.

The theme of World Metrology Day 2020 is “Measurements for global trade.” The theme was chosen to create awareness of the important role that measurement plays in facilitating fair global trade, ensuring that products meet standards and regulations, and customers’ expectations of quality.”

According to the Swedish constitution, RISE is responsible for maintaining quality-assured international track gauge technology for 32 different physical sizes, which are currently distributed across 14 different National Measurement sites. The national survey sites contribute and work for academic collaboration with universities and colleges, contribute to international research facilities through, for example, Big Science Sweden and collaborate with Swedish industry

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Business, High-tech Development and Innovation

6 February 2020

This seminar, hosted by Big Science Sweden, was about the cooling technology that is in demand at CERN. CERN needs to develop a CO2-based cooling system fo the experiments at the LHC accelerator. One requirement is for the system to cool down to -53 degree, which is about 5 degrees lower than commercially available CO2-based systems.

A mini workshop followed the seminar which focused on the procurement  that CERN is expected to issue in the spring of 2020. The order value for the procurement is estimated at around 45M SEK.

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Big Science Morning with ITER – IUC Syd

4 February 2020

During this seminar, hosted by Big Science Sweden, meeting attendees met with representatives from ITER / Fusion for Energy who gave guidance on how to best prepare for doing business with the plant. ITER is a global project with a European office in Barcelona, Spain – Fusion for Energy.

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Danish Instruments for Big Science (DIBS) Conference

28 January 2020

The Danish Instruments for Big Science (DIBS) conference, hosted by was held on January 28, 2020, at the Danish Technological Institute, where companies received information on instrument upgrades that require industrial collaboration.

DIBS will promote collaboration, knowledge sharing and capacity building between science and industry and between the scientific communities with a focus on building measuring instruments for big science facilities.

The conference had 63 participants form companies and knowledge institutions. DIBS was organised by DTU, University of Copenhagen, Institute of Technology and

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Poland@ITER 2019 – WPT

17-19 October 2019

The Poland@ITER 2019 event was held on the 17th-19th of October 2019 at the headquarters of ITER in St. Paul-lez-Durance in southern France. This event was organised following the success of Poland@CERN 2019. The aim was to show Polish companies and institutions from the high-tech sector how they can benefit from closer cooperation with the Big Science Market.

During these three days, representatives from ITER and the European commission presented perspectives of cooperation with Polish companies and institutions and familiarised the event participants with the organisation’s tender procedures. The key part of the event was the individual meetings of participants with F4E tender specialists and engineers from various technical departments of the project.

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