ENRIITC introduced the concept of Associates to encourage an inclusive and community-driven implementation of the project. Associates have submitted Letters of Support to ENRIITC and expressed their interest in collaborating with the consortium.

WebsiteOrganisationShort NameCountry
Aerosols, Clouds and Trace Gases Research InfrastructureACTRISFinland
Analysis and Experimentation on EcosystemsAnaEEFrance
Agência Nacional de InovaçãoANIPrtugal
The Association of European Science and Technology Transfer Professionals-ProtonASTPNetherlands
breAkThrough innovaTion pRogrAmme for a pan-European Detection and Imaging eCosysTemATTRACTSwitzerland
Biobanking and BioMolecular Resources Research InfrastructureBBMRI ERICAustria
Bringing together a neutron ecosystem for sustainable science with ESSBrightnESS-2Sweden
Convenient Access to Light Sources Open to Innovatoin, Sience and to the WorldCALIPSOplusGermany
CEA's Institute for Research into the fundamental laws of the UniverseCEA/IRFUFrance
Central European Research Infrastructure ConsortiumCERIC
European Organisation for Nuclear ResearchCERNSwitzerland
Consortium of European Social Science Data ArchivesCESSDA ERICNorway
Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y TecnológicasCIEMATSpain
Cherenkov Telescope ArrayCTAItaly
Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and HumanitiesDARIAH ERICNetherlands
Deutshes ITER Industie Forum dIIFGermany
Technical University of DenmarkDTUDenmark
European Clinical Research Infrastructure NetworkECRIN ERICFrance
European Holocaust Research InfrastructureEHRINetherlands
ELI Delivery ConsortiumELICzech Republic
Integrated European Long-Term Ecosystem, critical zone and socio-ecological systems ResearcheLTERGermany
European Molecular Biology LaboratoryEMBLGermany
European Marine Biological Resource CenterEMBRC ERICFrance
European Magnetic Field LaboratoryEMFLGermany
European Infrastructure for multi-scale Plant Phenomics and Simulation for food security in a changing climateEMPHASISGermany
European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and water-column Observatory EMSO
European Plate Observing SystemEPOSItaly
European Research Infrastructure on Highly Pathogenic AgentsERINHAFrance
European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern HemisphereESOGermany
European Infrastructure of Open Screening Platforms for Chemical BiologyEU-OPENSCREENGermany
The European Research Infrastructure for Concentrated Solar PowerEU SOLARIS Spain
European Contribution to the international Argo ProgrammeEURO-ARGO ERICFrance
European Research Infrastructure for Imaging Technologies in Biological and Biomedical SciencesEuro-BioImagingGermany
European X-Ray Free Electron Laser FacilityEuropean XFELGermany
Facility for Anti Proton and Ion Research in Europe GmbHFAIRGermany
Forschungszentrum JülichFZJGermany
GSI Helmholtzzentrum fur Schwerionenforshung GmbHGSIGermany
High Energy Physics Technology Transfer NetworkHEPTech
Instituto de Astofisica e CanariasIACSpain
The Henryk Niewodniczanski Institute of Nuclear PhysicsIFJ PANPoland
International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility​
DEMO Oriented Neutron Source
The Institute Max Von Laue-Paul LangevinILLFrance
ILO Network ItaliaINFN/INIItaly
European Research Infrastructure for the generation, phenotyping, archiving and distribution of mouse disease modelsINFRAFRONTIERGermany
Institue for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy of Bulgarian Academy of ScienceINRNE BASBulgaria
Instituto de Física CorpuscularIFICSpain
League of European Accelerator-based Photon SourcesLEAPS
LifeWatch ERICLifeWatch ERICItaly
Infrastructure for Promoting Metrology in Food and NutritionMETROFOOD-RIItaly
Multi-purpose hYbrid Research Reactor for High-tech Applications MYRRHABelgium
Ministry of Education, Culture and Science-NetherlandsNOWNetherlands
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy-NetherlandsNOWNetherlands
Norwegian Technology Group ASNTNorway
Pan-European Research Infrastructure ILO AssociationPERIIA
Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing SystemSIOSNorway
The Square Kilometer ArraySKA OrganisationUK
Swiss Industrial Liason OfficerSwiss ILOSwitzerland
Technology Center of the Czech Acadamy of SciencesTechnology CAS CenterCzech Republic
Science and Technology Facilities CouncilUKRI STFCUK
University of TartuUTEstonia
Sweden's Governmental Innovation AgencyVinnovaSweden
Wigner Research Center for PhysicsWignerUngheria