The ENRIITC consortium consists of 11 partners representing research infrastructures, ICOs, ILOs, research institutes, and technology parks from seven different countries, namely Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and Sweden.

The research infrastructures involved in ENRIITC bring in expertise from four scientific domains, namely social and cultural innovation, health and food, physical science and engineering, and environment. They also have experience with driving innovation activities in their respective cluster projects.

On the other hand, the ILOs involved in ENRIITC have a strong track-record in coordinating industry relations on the national level and have a good understanding of issues and questions which may be specific to a particular country or geographical area. In addition to that, they have experience with setting up and running support functions for the big science supplier industry. The active involvement of both ICOs and ILOs in ENRIITC ensures that perspectives from both ends of the industry spectra are taken into account.

Industry is the ultimate target group of this project and will be invited to make ad-hoc contributions to selected tasks of strategic importance and will benefit from the strengthened relations with research infrastructures facilitated by the ENRIITC Network and activities.