Focus Groups

While the roles of ILOs and ICOs are very different, some of the activities they perform can overlap. ENRIITC aims to provide advice to both by developing strategies for innovation, training, and outreach and formulating policy recommendations to encourage efficient interactions between ILOs/ICOs and industry.

These strategies will be based on information that will be extracted from six focus groups.

ENRIITC Focus Group #1: How can ILOs and ICOs interact, learn from each other and collaborate?

Tuesday, 9th February 2020, from 12:00 to 13:30

ENRIITC Focus Group #1 will discuss what ILOs and ICOs can learn from each other and where it makes sense to collaborate. This focus group will also explore how to improve the interaction that ILOs and ICOs have with industry, trying to learn from each other and analyze common tools. Another matter of interest will be how ILOs and ICOs are trained to fulfill with their respective objectives, trying to analyze potential collaboration in future training programmes. Finally future ILOs and ICOs organizations models will be investigated, having in mind how to improve the mutual benefit and enhance the collaboration.

The Focus Group is lead by Ana Belen Del Cerro Gordo (CDTI) and Sylwia Wójtowicz (WPT).

ENRIITC Focus Group #2: Research Infrastructures in the innovation landscape/ecosystem

Friday, 12 February 2020, from 14:30 to 15:30.

ENRIITC Focus Group #2 will examine the role and placement of Research Infrastructures in the innovation ecosystem surrounding the infrastructures – both at local, national and international levels. Discussed topics:

  • Who are the stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem relevant for RIs?
  • Where does the role of RIs intersect the interest of other stakeholders?
  • Which channels should RIs use to interact with the surrounding ecosystem?
  • Can an RI facilitate the formation of a local innovation landscape?

The Focus Group is lead by Nikolaj Zangenberg (DTI).

ENRIITC Focus Group #3 Outreach strategies for Research Infrastructures

Monday, 8 February 2020, from 13.00 to 14.30.

Purpose of group: RIs operate in a complicated landscape of political and societal stakeholders. This group will discuss outreach strategies towards both industry and policy stakeholders and financing bodies at both national and European levels with the purpose of raising awareness of the societal benefits of RIs.

ENRIITC partners and interested external parties are encouraged to raise issues they would like the Focus Group to discuss. Please kindly forward such questions to Peter Frank (ESO)

ENRIITC Focus Group #4: The role of the ICO (Industry Contact Officer)in Industry access to Research Infrastructures 

Topics of group to be developed:

  • How to collaborate despite the culture differences between the Science and the Business worlds;
  • To identify recommendations for KPI for RI-industry relations;
  • Training for ICOs
  • Communication and Outreach

The Focus Group is led by Ilaria Nardello (SZN)

ENRIITC Focus Group #5: Industry suppliers to Research Infrastructures and the role as Industrial Liaisons Officer  Tuesday, 2 February 2020, from 11.00 to 12.30.

Leaders of this Focus Group are Anna Hall (IUC Syd) and Frida Tibblin Citron (IUC Syd).

The six focus groups are as follows:

Each Focus Group will consist of approximately 10 participants. The expected lifecycle for each is:

  • Introductory meeting/brainstorm discussion (Feb 2021)
  • Review and discussion of strategies (ca. Mar 2021)
  • 1-2 topical meetings (2021-22)
  • Total: 2-4 online meetings

If you are interested in joining a Focus Group or have any questions, please contact