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The European Union is supporting the development of a pan-European network of Industrial Liaison and Contact Officers (ILOs/ICOs) across research infrastructures (RIs) via the ENRIITC project. The primary objectives of ENRIITC are to establish a sustainable European network of ILOs and ICOs which enables mutual learning, map collaboration potential between RIs and industry, develop and refine strategies and best practices to foster these collaborations and raise awareness among industry for collaboration opportunities at RIs and demonstrate impact.

Call Conditions

Activities supported: This call will support pilot events for research infrastructures to engage with industry and using the ENRIITC training programme for such events as a basis. Events may be face-to-face, virtual or hybrid and may be regional, national or international in scope. The target audiences for the events can focus on the upstream/industry as a supplier, downstream/industry as a user model or co-development and joint innovation with industry, or a combination of these targets. Style, contents, tools etc are for the proposer to decide. ENRIITC will seek to support events having value to the ENRIITC network, and demonstrating the role of research infrastructures in industry needs.

Applicants: Applicants must be an Associate research infrastructure or partner to the ENRIITC project and represented on the proposal by an appropriate staff member who will be responsible for the organisation of the event. A letter of commitment to carry out the event in the case of ENRIITC support is required from a Director of the research infrastructure as part of the proposal. For more information on how to become an Associate to the ENRIITC network, please contact enriitc@ess.eu. Applicants are expected to have attended one or more of the first season of ENRIITC training webinars which are planned for 27 May, 10 and 21 June.

Budget: A total of 20,000 Euros is available. Applications may request up to 5,000 Euros in support from ENRIITC. Funding may be used for facilitation and licence costs for on-line events, staff costs for organisation, speaker travel costs and catering costs for face-to-face events. Evidence for costs must be provided in the form of bills for direct costs and/or an invoice from the facility for staff costs.

Duration: Pilot events must be carried out by 31 March 2022, with a full report provided to the ENRIITC Associate Pilot events manager by one month after the conclusion of the event.

Proposals: Please download and use the template available here: https://enriitc.eu/enriitc-your-industry outreach/

Deadline: Proposals should be submitted to enriitc@ess.eu by 31 August 2021 to be eligible. Decisions on funding are expected by 30 September 2021.

More information on the call for Events will be made available in a special “ENRIITCyourCoffee” episode which is planned for 10 June (announced on ENRIITC web site and via the usual mailing lists).

Assessment and Selection

Proposals will be evaluated by the ENRIITC Associate Pilot Event Selection Committee formed by the Steering Board of ENRIITC. The Committee will analyse and mark the proposals according to

  • Value to the ENRIITC initiative and as pilot events to the ILO and ICO community in Europe
  • Contribution to ILO and/or ICO training
  • Event novelty and impact (consequent to its scale) of the proposed event
  • Diversity of the event across research infrastructures and/or target industry sector(s).

Furthermore, a broad distribution throughout Europe will be considered as part of the overall scope of the Associate Pilot Events programme.

For more information on the call, please contact enriitc@ess.eu.


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