WP5 – Communication, dissemination and exploitation

Work Package 5 is led by EATRIS and aims to ensure that project activities are effectively communicated to the wider community of stakeholders and that project results, outputs, and resources are broadly disseminated. Acting as the primary interface to the wider community, WP5 is a key component in the strategy to share best practices among the European ILO/ICO community and to improve their skill set for active industrial engagement. With an audience that includes RIs and their funders, universities, incubators, technology parks, clusters, SMEs, large industries, and the EU Enterprise Network, dissemination has a broad community to serve. The specific objectives of WP5 are to:

  • Communicate and disseminate ENRIITC project results clearly and effectively that takes into consideration the particular needs of various target groups,
  • Encourage bottom-up and top-down engagement among stakeholders,
  • Ensure high visibility of ENRIITC by amalgamating the social media channels of all partners and teaming up with existing initiatives and large-scale projects in Europe.

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