ENRIITC Focus Group #1 – “How can ILOs and ICOs interact, learn from each other and collaborate?”

Today we had the second meeting of the Focus Group #1 “How can ILOs and ICOs interact, learn from each other and collaborate?”

In our first meeting, we covered what ILOs & ICOs can learn from each other and how to improve the interaction with industry. During today session, we managed to discuss the following topics:

  • Training Programmes for ILOs and ICOs;
  • Future organisations of ILOs and ICOs such as PERIIA, ENRIITC or other;
  • Proposals of common projects, actions;
  • Others: Barriers for the collaboration among ILOs & ICOs, KPIs to measure ILOs/ICOs performances.

Today’s discussion was very lively and fruitful and both, ICOs and ILOs, have shared their experiences as well as their training needs. In addition to this, different organisational models were put on the table and everyone agreed and recognised the importance of ENRIITC activities  for boosting this collaboration.

A third meeting is meant to be organised in late May, to discuss and properly conclude the Forum Group #1.   During that last meeting, the FG#1 will also give feedback about the outcome on ENRIITC strategy.

In the meantime, the FG#1 will also produce a written report on the “Practical step-by-step guide”, that will be delivered at the end of April.

We hope that this exchange of ideas will help us to propose a package of solutions, not only to better address the training needs of ILOS & ICOs, but also to empower the collaboration between them through different organisational models.

A huge thanks to those ones who have been with us today!


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