Connecting Suppliers and Big Science Facilities Online

The Danish network of Big Science supplier companies,, had a busy schedule planned prior to the outbreak of Covid-19 in March. A quite significant event that was planned was the Denmark@Cern event, planned for early April. At this, 20 Danish companies were scheduled to visit CERN for 2-3 days and have 1-1 meetings with technical and procurement staff.

In response to the pandemic, this event and many others were cancelled. As a replacement, arranged a series of 6 webinars this spring for companies: 1 titled “An Introduction to the Big Science Market,” 4 focused on individual facilities (CERN, ESS, ESO, and ITER), and a special one on how to make the Big Science market part of the company strategy.

The impact was quite large, with each webinar having 15-20 companies in attendance. is now considering using webinars as an integrated part of the service they provide to supplier companies.

Caption: Søren Bang Korsholm from presents the ITER project at a webinar for companies.
Caption: Isabel Bejar Alonso from CERN presented the procurement opportunities for the LHC high-luminosity upgrade project for 18 Danish companies.