Prestigious Prof. Hitoshi Yamamoto joins IFIC and University of Valencia as visiting researcher.

The University of Valencia has awarded the position of “visiting researcher” to prof. Hitoshi Yamamoto of Tohoku University in Japan. Prof. Yamamoto’s candidacy was proposed by IFIC, with the support of the department of atomic, molecular and nuclear physics of the University. Prof. Yamamoto will work together with scientist of IFIC and the University during his stay in Valencia.

Tohoku University in Sendai is one of the best universities in Japan, especially in natural sciences and engineering. The group of prof. Yamamoto is active in Belle II and T2K facilities, currently operating in Japan with contributions from IFIC experimental groups. His team is moreover one of the most active proponents of the International Linear Collider (ILC). Prof. Yamamoto has played several key roles in the ILC organization, including the responsibility for the physics and detector studies in Asia and the membership of the ILC Collaboration executive board.

Prof Hitoshi work at IFIC will contribute to strengthen the European science and industry links and participation on the ILC, one of the world´s most relevant research facilities for the near future.