MoU: Let’s build the future of ENRIITC together!

After almost three years, the ENRIITC project will soon complete its first chapter and reach its formal end date. We see this as the exciting beginning to a new chapter for ENRIITC that we are looking forward to writing with you!

We are currently preparing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This non-legally binding agreement will signify an intention to work together towards the establishment of a sustainable framework to support and foster RI-industry engagement.

A MoU sets an official framework during the Transition Phase of the ENRIITC Network starting 1 January 2023 where the signatories will undertake the responsibility to support the activities of the ENRIITC Network according to an annual plan that will be proposed by the ENRIITC Network Steering Board.

The MoU is open for signature to large-scale pan-European Research Infrastructures willing to work together to set-up and strengthen their relationship with industry, and also to Industry Liaison Officer representatives.

If you are interested in being part of the ENRIITC network, please email us so that we can keep you updated with our work in this area –

We look forward to building the future of ENRIITC together!

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