Testimonial from ENRIITC – supported ESO Instruments Industry event

Hans Priem is Business Manager at VDL, an international industrial and manufacturing conglomerate with headquarters in the Netherlands. He attended the ESO “Instruments Industry” event on 7 April 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland, that was supported by ENRIITC. Hans kindly agreed to talk to us about his attendance at the event.

Thanks for your time, Hans. Firstly, what did you get out of attending the ESO “Instruments Industry” event in April?

The event was very useful for receiving targeted updates on what is going on in the field and also as a networking opportunity.

Did the event have any impact on your business?

Yes, the event did have an impact on my business in general. Not financially per se, but it was very useful to have an update on the scientific instruments, and helpful in terms of our assessment as to whether we could have added value in the field. It was also informative to see what was going on in a specific project and organization. This type of event is important for us to make informed choices; they’re also great for building international contacts.

What is the potential impact of this event on your business?

The impact of this event was that we gained access, or have more secured access, to relevant technology. Additionally, we were able to grow our network of potential collaborators.

Speaking of collaborators, did you meet any potential new ones at the event?

Yes, the ENRIITC event helped facilitate initial contact with other companies and national entities so that we could network and discuss future business opportunities. It is possible that I will do business with these new relations, possibly in the form of working with them in a consortium. As with all new partnerships, it takes time to get to know each other and build trust, but these sorts of ENRIITC events are great for networking before initiating collaborations, like setting up a consortium.

Great – thanks again for your time, Hans.

Thank you.

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