EU-OPENSCREEN-DRIVE: Industry Engagement for Supporting European Chemical Biology Platforms

EU-OPENSCREEN DRIVE is an Horizon-2020-funded project which aims to support the development and long-term sustainability of EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC, the European Research Infrastructure for Chemical Biology. One of the main goals of this project is the development of a structure which allows seamless engagement of the EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC with industry partners, acting as a hub for the generation of innovation, with a dedicated work package supported by the partners at University of Santiago de Compostela and at University of Oslo. An Industry Liaison Office (ILO) composed by members of the pharmaceutical industry and technology vendors has been established, representing a direct channel of interaction between academic partners and industry. Co-development projects will be designed to both support technology providers through the validation of their technologies by using EU-OPENSCREEN services, and to develop innovative methodologies that can be of interest for the pharmaceutical companies. These collaborative projects will allow academic groups to access cutting edge technologies and know-how and will strongly support the innovation and the scientific and economic impact of the European chemical biology community.