ENRIITC Kicks-off

Representatives and Associates of the ENRIITC Network from 7 different countries set off on a three-year journey to address the gap between Research Infrastructures and Industry by building a permanent pan-European network of ILOs and ICOs.  They will work towards this goal under the banner of ENRIITC, a project funded by Hori

Italy – 23 participants from the ENRIITC network gathered together in Naples, Italy to officially kick-off the Horizon 2020 funded project. The project aims to build a permanent pan-European network of Industrial Liaison and Contact Officers (ILOs and ICOs) and enable industry to become a full partner of research infrastructures whether it is as a user, a supplier, or a co-creator.

The ENRIITC network consists of 11 Partners and 61 Associates from all around Europe, representing members from diverse scientific areas, industrial sectors and geographical regions. The Network is inclusive and welcomes new members.

Kick-off Meeting and 1st GA

The ENRIITC Kick-off Meeting was held on the 21st of January 2020 and was attended by representatives of its 11 beneficiaries and 3 members of the Associates (ASTP, Big Science Business Forum and the PERIIA Network).

A total of 23 participants gathered, presenting a valuable opportunity for the partners to explore the main objectives of the project, align their contribution, and to receive information on the administrative and technical management of the Project.

During the morning session, all Work Package Leaders presented their Work Package and discussed upcoming tasks, deliverables and milestones. The morning plenary was followed by a breakout session dedicated mostly to Work Packages 2 & 3, where the consortium discussed possible implementation strategies to ensure an efficient and effective process.