The CORBEL website has a new owner

The CORBEL programme which aimed to enhance the interaction between 13 biomedical research infrastructures (RIs) has formally ended on 31st May. Nonetheless, measures have been put in place to continue to capture the value of key elements and to share best practice both within the biomedical consortium as well as outside.

A new Life Sciences RI web site, will take over from the CORBEL website. The site will include among other things content on innovation, including guidelines and template legal documents. The CORBEL Innovation Helpdesk will also continue to function, staffed from the EATRIS business development network, and can in principle provide help with requests from other sectors. A new email address,, has been opened for such requests.

A comprehensive guide to best practice in public-private collaboration is also available upon request. This is a 50-page compendium covering many aspects of setting up industry collaboration. There is also material available for workshops (see the section on past innovation-related events).