How basic and big science may be a seed for future needs


The Conference on Industrial Technologies IndTech 2022 will take place in Grenoble (France) from 27-29 June 2022.

IndTech 2022 is organised under the auspices of the French presidency of the European Union and with the support of the European Commission. The conference provides a forum for exchange between industry, research and policy makers with the objective of forging a common vision for Europe moving forward in the context of transitional challenges.

This event couldn’t be a better opportunity for ENRIITC! The Research Infrastructure Conference aims to promote the capacity of RIs to create breakthrough innovations, have economic impact and support societal challenges.

During the afternoon of Monday, 27 June, ENRIITC, in association with IndTech, will bring together RI representatives, industry and stakeholders from the innovation ecosystem to exchange on the topic of basic and big science as a seed for future needs.

Registration open here!



Section 1: Industrial case studies

Individual presentations of concrete examples of technologies being
developed for or together with Research Infrastructures.

Section 2: The Big Science Innovation Studio

Round table to discuss the concept of an itinerant studio supporting
the acceleration of basic and big science to market application.