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Call for EU to fund technology infrastructures

© SCIENCE BUSINESS | Florin Zubașcu Europe needs technology proving grounds where industry can test and scale up new products. Christian Ehler MEP says this will lower the cost of bringing innovation to market and help Europe reach its green energy goals. The EU should have a strategy for technology infrastructures in place by the […]

ENRIITC proposes the formation of a centralized hub to support innovation from Research Infrastructures

Innovation is created from the interaction and collaboration between science and business. Companies need support and simpler access to the opportunities for collaborations with Research Infrastructures (RIs). The ENRIITC project has built a pan-European network of national Industrial Liaison Officers and Industrial Contact Officers at Research Infrastructures (ILOs and ICOs). The establishment of a formal […]

ENRIITC proposes a new “Research Infrastructures Innovation Preparedness Roadmap” to exploit the innovation potential of RIs

Early in the project, ENRIITC evaluated the status of play in the relationships between European Research Infrastructures (RIs) and industry which was published in “Report on the mapping of industry as a supplier and user” (D2.1). The analysis highlighted areas for potential improvement since only half of the interviewed RIs employed an Industry Contact Officer […]


Increasing Research Infrastructures’ visibility and potential towards Industry In the frame of BSBF 2022 – Big Science Business Forum, ENRIITC is organising an event on 04th October 2022. As part of this event, ENRIITC in collaboration with CERIC-ERIC, will be organizing training sessions focused on ‘Increasing Research Infrastructures’ visibility and potential towards Industry’. It will […]

ENRIITC makes recommendations for Research Infrastructures on how to improve industry engagement

While scientific excellence is the key justification and raison d’être for a Research Infrastructure, any RI under development will have to ask the question: “How do we engage with industry?” Actually, both companies and the RIs themselves can potentially benefit from the interaction. And adopting a strategic and selectively focused effort would be beneficial for […]

Training Strategy for Innovation Brokers

Opening new markets for the industry is a challenge for innovation support systems and requires specific skills and knowledge. Effective structure of international trainings for innovation brokers should be built to ensure a flow of innovation from research infrastructures to industry. Companies need support in contacting the science sector and the potential of European research […]

CLARIN ERIC is looking for a Head of Operations!

Our Associate CLARIN ERIC is looking for a ‘Head of Operations’  who will work closely with the CLARIN Board of Directors and the staff at the central CLARIN Office. The main tasks for which the Head of Operations will be responsible are: overseeing the implementation of strategic decisions taken by the Board of Directors in close […]

How to scale-up the societal impact of Research Infrastructures by integrating with innovation ecosystems.

It is important for a Research Infrastructure to recognize other stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem surrounding them and understand which role to embrace. This was one of the main messages from the strategic work represented in the ENRIITC deliverable 3.2 and shown in the second column in the Figure below. In several cases, research infrastructures […]

Institut Pasteur: 2 project managers wanted to work in EU funded projects in Paris!

The Institut Pasteur is a private, non-profit foundation. Its mission is to help prevent and treat diseases, mainly those of infectious origin, through research, teaching, and public health initiatives. The Institut Pasteur develops many major international projects in partnership with the main international scientific authorities such as the World Health Organization, and many research institutions, […]

How basic and big science may be a seed for future needs

  The Conference on Industrial Technologies IndTech 2022 will take place in Grenoble (France) from 27-29 June 2022. IndTech 2022 is organised under the auspices of the French presidency of the European Union and with the support of the European Commission. The conference provides a forum for exchange between industry, research and policy makers with […]