Bi-regional recommendations for cooperation of research infrastructures


RI-VIS is a Horizon 2020 funded project, designed to increase the visibility of European research infrastructures (RIs) to new communities in Europe and beyond.

The consortium has 13 partners from 12 RIs working in the fields of biomedical sciences, social sciences and environmental sciences, but they also have expert advisors from the Physics sector, and from e-infrastructure.

The objectives of RI-VIS are to:

  • Map RI services to new target communities and identify routes to maximize exchange of information and bases for new partnerships;
  • Create an outreach programme to provide information, bring research infrastructures together with new target communities and facilitate collaborative engagement;
  • Create a collection of tools that are freely available to all research infrastructures that have demonstrated efficacy and impact in facilitating new cooperative relationships.

With the three white papers, arranged into sections that cover examples of successful collaboration, lessons learned and possible challenges/bottlenecks and focused on a pair of regions, RI-VIS is meant to explore methods to increase collaboration between research infrastructures  and in funding and policy making roles in both regions.

The three papers are:

  1. Recommendations towards cooperation between African and European RI’s
  2. Recommendations towards cooperation between Latin America and European RI’s
  3. Recommendations towards cooperation between Australian and European RI’s

Also, to further discuss about opportunities and challenges for RI cooperation between Latin America and Europe, RI-VIS in collaboration with the EU-LAC ResInfra project , organised the RI-VIS Latin America – Europe Symposium , a three-day virtual event which brings together delegates from RIs, science policy organisations and research institutions of these regions. It will take place between Tuesday, June 15th and Thursday, June 17th 2021.

Read more about the event here


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