BSBF High-Energy Accelerators and Synchrotrons: Need for co-operation with industry

Anna Hall, Director Big Science Sweden and Swedish ILO, was moderator for the concluding panel discussion with the day’s speakers: Manuel Moreno, Spanish ILO, José Miguel Jiménez at CERN, Mats Lindroos at ESS, Jean-Claude Biasci at ESRF, Peter Spiller at FAIR, Thomas Tschentscher at XFEL, and Colin Carlile, Uppsala University and ESSnuSB collaboration.

The panel observed that the research facilities and industry are and will be facing many common technological challenges. Anna also asked which areas the research facilities saw as being most important to co-develop with industry. The panel members identified detector development and technological fields such as new materials, instruments, AI, software development, data science, and infrastructure service.

They also felt it was important to interact with society when tackling the major challenges, such as the goal to become energy neutral, and to foster expertise.

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