CERN COURIER features ENRIITC: collaboration is the key!

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The European Network for Research Infrastructures and Industry for Collaboration (ENRIITC) has emerged as something of a bridge-builder between large-scale science facilities and key stakeholders in industry since its formation in January 2020.

In the In Focus report on Big Science and Industry of CERN Courier, through an interview with Anne-Charlotte Joubert (ENRIITC project coordinator and grants officer at the European Spallation Source-ESS), it’s explained how ENRIITC is helping ILOs and ICOs to join the dots between big science and industry.

Success is all about longevity: if the ENRIITC network is strong and sustained, the project has succeeded.”What does that look like? I guess one tangible measure of success over the next decade will be the launch, and widescale adoption, of the ENRIITC Innovation and Industry Services Central Support Hub – a unifying vehicle to scale and diversify the innovation ecosystem connecting RIs with industry.

With over 500 network members – including more than 100 industry liaison and contact officers (ILOs/ICOs) from Europe’s big-science labs and the university research sector – ENRIITC’s goal is to accelerate the societal and economic impact of national and pan-European research programmes, working together to define best practices for industry’s relationship (as supplier, user or collaborator) with Europe’s large-scale research infrastructures (RIs).

In the article, not only the ENRIITC connection strategies towards ILOs, ICOs and industry have been analysed, but other important topics on which the project focuses from its kick off have been discussed, such as: support for training and education for our Members, the lessons-learned about the relationship between Europe’s large-scale research facilities and industry, the forecast on a potential ENRIITC N2 and much more.

Thanks again to CERN Courier for this great opportunity, the complete article can be found here!

We are looking forward to engaging with the community and to welcoming all the participants in our upcoming events at BSBF 2022 and at ICRI 2022!
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