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The Euro-BioImaging Annual Report is the story of their infrastructure – the Hub team, their Nodes, their users, their governing bodies and their achievements – in their first year of operations as an ERIC.

This report provides a sense for the amazing progress that was made in 2020 – despite the global pandemic. As such, it is a tribute to the remarkable resilience, energy and passion for imaging of the Euro-BioImaging community.

The story begins with the “Introduction”a portrait of Euro-BioImaging, the European Research Infrastructure for biological and biomedical imaging, and specifically with Editorials from the Chairman of our Board and Co-chairs of our Scientific Advisory Board, who set the stage for our research infrastructure. Then, the footprint across Europe and provide a series of photos to illustrate Euro-BioImagin mission are presented.

Theye explain the User Access procedure, by which imaging technologies, expertise and services are provided to researchers, regardless of their affiliation or research area. This section also includes a 2020 Highlights calendar and portraits of our Hub Team.

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