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Welcome to the recap of the closing episode of #ENRIITCyourCoffee season 4! Episode 12 was dedicated to CatRIS, the Catalogue of Research Infrastructure Services, which consists of an EU funded project officially concluded in June 2021.

Ana Helman, CataRIS coordinator at the European Science Foundation, opened the session by giving a general overview of the project and stating that the main objective of CatRIS was to build a portal that provides access to a broad catalogue of services, core facilities and scientific resources. This bottom-up initiative is composed of 139 service providers at European, national, regional and institutional levels. Byt the end of the project, CatRIS had over 600 services on board.

According to the CatRIS community, one of the main benefits that would have been generated from the projects, refer to the “attraction of potential new industrial users and customers from both, the public and private sector”. As per Ana, this represents also something that the Research Infrastructures are constantly looking for.

The general CatRIS Categories of Services organisation, in which industry seems to be more interested in, is split between:

  • Access Physical & Einfrastructures
  • Aggregators & Integrators
  • Processing & analysis
  • Security & Operations
  • Sharing & Discovery
  • Training & support

But what type of access do Research Infrastructures offer? In terms of access type, also due to Covid19, it has been highlighted that remote access is offered more and more in comparison to physical access. Concerning access mode, the free accesses (whenever the user is not paying) are not so common anymore.

As mentioned at the beginning, the first series of the CatRIS project has already concluded; however, Ana and the rest of the CatRIS team are already working with the Commission Services Horizon booster to explore a potential second phase of the project together with Commercial options (if any) by further developing the business and / or exploitation strategy plan.

We kicked off Season 4 in September 2021 and it’s incredible how another ENRIITC season is finishes. More is yet to come in 2022 so we invite you to keep on following us as to not miss any updates about the project! See you soon, NETWORK!

Check out Season 4 Episode 12_CatRIS presentation!

The recording of the session can be viewed in full below.

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