#ENRIITCyourCoffee Season 3: Episode 8 “Improving opportunities of collaboration between industry and academy – from innovation mall to innovation partnership”

The last episode before we go on summer break was on the topic of innovation mall and innovation partnership from the perspective of improving industry-academy collaboration. The session was led by Antonio Bonucci, who is responsible of European XFEL Industrial Liaison Office and in-kind contribution supply chain manager. He is also actively involved in EU funded projects ATTRACT and LEAPS-INNOV and in the organisation committee of Big Science Business Forum.

Antonio Bonucci started with a presentation and included a great model by Roberto Verganti outlining the four ways to collaborate. You can read more on the model here but Antonio continued with the example of an Innovation Mall, which according to Verganti’s model is an open hierarchical manner of collaborating.

Watch Antonio’s short demo of partnership call sites like the Enterprise Europe Network and Innocentive at 05:40 in the video, which are great examples of an Innovation Mall. Antonio concludes that when setting up an Innovation Mall one has to compromise between the open and closed features. Antonio elaborates on the pros and cons of each parameter and the ‘gray zones’ at 08:25 of the video.

Next up was Marco Peloi, Head of Industrial Liaison Office (ILO) at Elettra Sincrotrone in Trieste, who elaborated the legal procedure and why it is important to be interested in the procedure of a supplier. One of the good points he made was that in technology transfer it’s not only important to have the product, but also competency transfer is an important process not to be overlooked. Even further, from 13:30 Marco outlines how to have the procurement process and the development process running simultaneously.

Watch the Q&A with Marco and Antonio from 20:54 in the video.

Our Season 4 is kicking off again in September 2021. Stay tuned on the #ENRIITCyourCoffee page here and contact us if you have an interesting topic you want to share with our network.

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