New report shows open data is at the heart of innovation


Open access life science resources such as data and software, are fundamental for breakthrough discoveries, scientific excellence and entrepreneurial endeavours. Seventy-six percent of companies surveyed in our newest report “Open data: a driving force for innovation in the life sciences” state that their product or service would not exist without data on open repositories.

The results of this survey show that open data is fundamental for innovation in the life sciences. Hanz Garritzen, Vice President of Sales at Finnish SME Medisapiens puts this plainly: “Without open data resources, large companies, such as pharmaceuticals, would be hampered in their work but would not cease to exist. In contrast, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as the startups, would be severely impacted as in many cases their business models are dependent on the availability of open data resources”. Not only this, but our survey shows that the real value of open data lies not only in accessing one database but in combining multiple open data repositories.

Aside from looking at the digital foundations for these companies, the report also looks toward the physical ecosystems that nurture new SMEs. Close proximity to customers, large pools of highly qualified graduates, and existing infrastructures all make for attractive environments for SMEs to set up shop. This report casts a spotlight on the largest European Innovation Ecosystems: Cambridge, UK; Berlin, Germany; and Barcelona, Spain and dissects the key factors in their success at attracting entrepreneurs.

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