ENRIITCyourCoffee session on the ILO perspective

Our new #ENRIITCyourCoffee mini-webinar series has launched with an engaging session about how ICOs and ILOs can collaborate.

Coordinator of the Network of Industry Liaison Officers in the Netherlands – Gerard Cornet – expertly hosted the session. Gerard, who is part of the ENRIITC consortium, gave an interactive presentation where 26 members of the session contributed to the discussion via the menti.com platform and open questions on the zoom video call. 

There was a discussion about the tasks of an ILO, the main competences of ILOs to be able to properly engage with RIs and ICOs, the differences between social sciences ILO’s and physical science ILO’s and common ground between ILOs and ICOs.

Our next session will be on Tuesday 24th November at 11:00 CET on Zoom. It will be on the topic of “How ICOs and ILOs can collaborate: the ICO perspective”.

Find out more and register here: https://enriitc.eu/theevents/