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Testimonial from ENRIITC – help with industry network

Professor Beata Orlecka-Sikora works as the Director of the Institute of Geophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Inspired by ENRIITC activities, Beata is developing a collaboration with industry. Thanks for your time, Beata. Firstly, could you please tell us about your interactions with ENRIITC? We are engaged in EPOS, the European Plate Observing System, […]

Testimonial from ENRIITC – an inspiration to build a unique network

Dr Sonia Utermann works as the In-kind procurement and Industry Contact Officer at FAIR (the Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research) in Darmstadt, Germany. Inspired by ENRIITC activities, Sonia built a national ILO network in FAIR. Sonia kindly agreed to an interview with Sylwia Justyna Wojtowicz from the ENRIITC consortium. Thanks for your time, Sonia. […]

Testimonial from ENRIITC – supported ESO Instruments Industry event

Hans Priem is Business Manager at VDL, an international industrial and manufacturing conglomerate with headquarters in the Netherlands. He attended the ESO “Instruments Industry” event on 7 April 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland, that was supported by ENRIITC. Hans kindly agreed to talk to us about his attendance at the event. Thanks for your time, Hans. […]

Empowering the industry multipliers

The ENRIITC project strives to optimise the societal impact of Research Infrastructures by improving the engagement between RIs and industry in EU Member States. Faced with the effects of the war in Ukraine, inflation and raw material bottlenecks, the European states are grappling with the delivery of ambitious Next Generation EU post-pandemic recovery projects in […]

#ENRIITCyourCoffee Season 2: Episode 5 – “What is Innovation Procurement and it’s important?”

The fifth episode of Season 2 of #ENRIITCyourCoffee has taken place. It was a fantastic session on the topic of “What is innovation procurement and why is it important?” Anne-Charlotte Joubert opened the virtual gathering with an interactive Mentimeter presentation to gauge the knowledge and expectations of the group. She asked whether people are familiar […]

#ENRIITCyourCoffee Season 2: Episode 4 -“The role of a Scientific Provider in the collaboration between RIs and Industry”

We had another fantastic #ENRIITCyourCoffee session today on ”The role of a Scientific Service Provider in collaboration between RIs and Industry: the case of Finden ltd”. After the trademark coffee cup group photo at the start, Dr Uwe Sassenberg (Scientific Officer at Desy and project coordinator of the CAROTS project) began by playing an overview […]

#ENRIITCyourCoffee Season 2: Episode 3 -“Joint E-platforms for Procurement from RIs”

We had another wonderful ENRIITCyourCoffee session today. After the weekly coffee mug group photo, the session opened with an introduction by Nikolaj Zangenberg, Centre Manager at the Danish Technological Institute and ILO for CERN and XFEL. Nikolaj presented the topic for discussion: joint e-platforms for procurement from Research Infrastructures. He talked about the Big Science […]

#ENRIITCyourCoffee Season 2: Episode 2 – “E-Platforms for Tech/Knowledge Transfer”

We had a fantastic discussion today in the #ENRIITCyourCoffee session led by Ilaria Nardello, Research Associate at the Zoological Station in Naples. The coffee table topic was “E-Platforms for Technology/Knowledge Transfer between Industry & RIs”. Ilaria opened the session by presenting an overview of knowledge transfer between research infrastructures (RIs) and industry. She outlined a […]

#ENRIITCyourCoffee Season 2: Episode 1 “A brave new world – moving to remote access and training”

Season 2 of the #ENRIITCyourCoffee series got off to a flying start this afternoon with a lively session led by Claudia Alén Amaro (Senior Project Manager for Instruct-ERIC) and Johanna Bischof (Scientific Project Manager for Euro-BioImaging). Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, research infrastructures supported their users’ research by providing them open access to their facilities’ […]