ENRIITCyourCoffee Season 1: Episode 2 -“How ILOs and ICOs can collaborate: the ICO perspective”

We had a fantastic discussion in the #ENRIITCyourCoffee session today hosted by Chris Tieken, Business Development Manager at EATRIS.

Chris expertly navigated a conversation that covered questions like “What does a RI offer to industry?” and “How do you promote/reach out to industry?” There was also an exchange about whether academia and industry have different incentives. Is one about publications and the other about finances?

We also heard an explanation of what “Beamtime” is (do you know? Join our LinkedIn group “#ENRIITCyourNetwork” here to find out more), and the idea that academia and industry has the potential to be a greatest love story ever written.

Tune in next week (Tuesday 1st December at 11:00 CET) for a 30 minute coffee discussion with Nikolaj Zangenberg – Centre Manager at DTI, the Industrial Liaison Officer for CERN and XFEL, and the Purchasing Advisor for ESRF.


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