#ENRIITCyourCoffee Season 2: Episode 4 -“The role of a Scientific Provider in the collaboration between RIs and Industry”

We had another fantastic #ENRIITCyourCoffee session today on ”The role of a Scientific Service Provider in collaboration between RIs and Industry: the case of Finden ltd”.

After the trademark coffee cup group photo at the start, Dr Uwe Sassenberg (Scientific Officer at Desy and project coordinator of the CAROTS project) began by playing an overview video of “Scientific Service Companies”. Uwe then guided the group through the effects of scientific service companies for industry. He talked about there being a lower risk for industry as there is a guarantee that only successful measurements are paid for. Additional benefits presented were that there is less effort required to draft contracts (compared to RIs or universities), it is a quicker procedure (e.g. access to RI) and there is greater flexibility in booking additional services (e.g. sample preparation, evaluation and interpretation).

Uwe then talked about what scientific service companies bring to RIs. His suggestions included less support effort, reoccurring users, recurring contacts, further development of measurement methods and improved implementation of mission-oriented research results.

In the final section of his discussion, Uwe went through the effects of scientific service companies for the innovation system and regional development. Ideas such as reduced brain drain, better use of existing resources, better interaction between industry, RI and universities and the filling of gaps in the innovation of SMEs, for example.

Simon Jacques CEO of Finden Ltd then joined the coffee table. He has 20 years experience in inventing and developing methods for materials characterisation and in the creation of in-situ methods, chemical imaging and software development for high throughput data processing. Finden have been offering advanced characterisation and analysis for many years and apply tailored methods on a one-to-one basis by assigning experts from a pool of technicians and researchers to meet the needs of their projects.

Simon talked about how Finden help businesses fast track services to industry. He presented the markets where Finden offer their services, and a few example projects including an emission abatement technology project that had direct positive societal impact. He the talked about X-ray diffraction computed tomography that displays the chemistry of an object. A take-home message throughout was that everyone wins with the mediators being present.

The session then opened up to the floor with questions and comments about who is paying for the services, symbiotic relationships and advantages of having a service provider involved.

The session ended as it began: with Uwe giving a thought-provoking analogy. Unlike the ‘Covid-hairdresser’ at the start, the session ended with his (now infamous) ‘cow needing milk’ analogy. Watch the recording to find out more or head over to the “#ENRIITCyourNetwork” LinkedIn group to continue the discussion: www.linkedin.com/groups/8992845

Tune in next week for a special episode on “What is innovation procurement and why is it important?” led by Mr. Stephan CORVERS, founder and owner of Corvers Commerical and Legal Affairs, and Dr. Ana Isabel (Anabel) PEIRÓ BAQUEDANO, legal procurement consultant at Corvers.

Find out more here: https://enriitc.eu/event/enriitcyourcoffee-season-2-episode-5-what-is-innovation-procurement-and-why-is-it-important/