ENRIITC Focus Group #3 “Outreach strategies for Research Infrastructures” – Ready to provide expert knowledge and insights

The first and introductory meeting of the ENRIITC Focus Group #3 “Outreach strategies for Research Infrastructures” (FG #3) took place Monday 8th February 2021. The objectives of the meeting were to introduce the participants to each other; to discuss and revise a charter for FG #3 and to propose further participants joining the group.

The ENRIITC project has 6 focus groups, each of them contributing with input and knowledge to ENRIITC and its deliverables. 

Laying the foundation – The FG #3 Charter

FG #3 was established to discuss outreach strategies towards both industry and policy stakeholders and financing bodies at both national and European levels with the purpose of raising awareness of the societal benefits of Research Infrastructures.

The following representatives of Research Infrastructures have already joined FG #3 and participated in the introductory meeting: Ute Gunsenheimer (ESS), Biotza Gutierrez (EURECAT), Gabriele Manfredi (SCK CEN), Rosa María Rodríguez (IFIC), Claudia Pfander (EMBL), Iulianna van der Lek (CLARIN), Lisa Vincenz-Donnelly (JÜLICH), Nigel Wagstaff (EATRIS).

As a result of the discussions at the meeting Marco Galeotti (EMSO) was invited into the group.

A lively debate took place on the purpose of FG #3 and the specific topics it should cover. The outcome is a revised charter which will be ready within short. Thereby FG #3 is now prepared to provide ENRIITC with expert knowledge and insights.

The next meeting is expected to take place in April.

Propose topics to be discussed by FG #3

Peter Frank, DTI, acts as coordinator and supports the group in all practical matters. In case you would like to propose issues to be discussed by FG #3 please contact Peter Frank.

The FG #3 can also be consulted on an ad hoc basis between meetings.

Contact information can be found here.

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