Horizon Europe: bigger and more complex than ever – in some cases


Researchers are now grappling with the new EU research programme, said by its architects to be simplified in its structure, and designed to be much more impact-driven than its predecessors. With the first round of applications complete, Science|Business has been asking researchers about their first impressions of Horizon Europe.

The reviews are mixed. From praising the lighter administrative touch, to suggestions it would be better to revert to paper submissions, the research community is divided. One thing most agree on is that Horizon Europe calls are more ambitious than ever, and few can fit their proposals into the new 45 page limit. The European Commission says it is actively listening to the feedback. But it’s not clear how administrative changes can make Horizon Europe’s ambition of taking the EU to a green and digital future a reality. 

On the question of whether the architects have succeeded in balancing the trade-offs, the jury is still out. Science|Business will deliver its judgement on Horizon Europe in a report summarising the views of its network members and the broader research and innovation community at its Annual Network Conference in Brussels in February.

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