Horizon Europe – The First assessment


As the first year of Horizon Europe draws to a close, Science|Business gathered feedback on the new €95.5 R&D programme from an online survey and meetings with its member-organisations. The result: recommendations on how to make the next six years of Horizon Europe even better.

The reviews are mixed, but most believe the programme will have a big impact on the European R&D landscape. Almost half of the survey respondents say it’s an improvement compared with Horizon 2020. But once the talk turns to paperwork, application forms and the unpredictable participants portal, the grumbling begins. Some say the calls are difficult to interpret, and impact-driven to a point where no one project can meet all the demands.

Many also struggle with understanding the policy context in which some of the calls are grounded. Next year, applicants hope for a better balance of project impacts and better supporting documentation to make the demands clearer.

Click here to check the complete Science Business Horizon Europe Assessment Report!

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