Overview on the HERCULES Specialized Course 2021: The multi-technique approach of CERIC-ERIC as a tool for Nanoscience


Event overview:

Nearly 40 researchers from 14 different countries took part in the HERCULES Specialised Course 2021, organised by CERIC on 31 May – 09 June, in the framework of the H2020 projects ACCELERATE and CALIPSOplus, and the CEI cooperation fund.

The event brought participants with different career stages (51% PhDs, 22% researchers, 19% post-Docs, 05% with master degrees and 3% were professors) from institutes/universities in: Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine, to broaden their scientific knowledge about large-scale Research Infrastructures.

35 speakers from CERIC Partner Facilities contributed in the 8 days long on-line training which introduced participants to the different techniques offered by CERIC, through theoretical lectures and practical exercises.

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  • The event’s sessions can be watched here




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