Phase 2 of ATTRACT launches new call for proposals


ATTRACT phase 2 has launched three calls for proposals that include a thematically defined R&D&I track, student programmes for social innovation, and socio-economic studies linked to the ATTRACT initiativ.

Together with computing, detection and imaging technologies will enable future paradigms like smart cities, autonomous transport and personalised healthcare to become a reality. However, promising deep-tech ventures often struggle to reach commercialisation; the process of turning scientific breakthroughs into viable products and services is bumpy and serendipitous.

ATTRACT aims to flatten the bumps by creating an innovation ecosystem that will absorb and minimise risk, through funding and expertise. In doing so, ATTRACT is helping to ensure that breakthrough ideas in imaging, detection and computational technologies derived from scientific research are not overlooked or lost along the way; instead, they have a chance of becoming products and services that benefit society.

ATTRACT phase 2 also includes a call for researchers with proven experience in conducting socio-economic studies on the impact of big research infrastructures on innovation ecosystems. These studies will provide quantitative and qualitative data and insights on the ATTRACT model, helping to forecast the potential benefits of scaling it up for European science, industry, business and, ultimately, the social and economic well-being of European citizens.

The deadline for applications is 20 September 2021. More information is available on the ATTRACT EU site.





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