Towards better findability: Bioschemas meets


On 7 July 2021, included five Bioschemas types for representing life sciences data in its latest release. This update signifies an important step towards developing web markup in the life sciences. It will improve the findability of many web resources in the domain and ultimately translate into more efficient research. is an international community effort, with Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yandex adopting its vocabulary on their applications and search engines. It provides technical specifications to major search engines to distinguish and index different data objects on the internet.

In the life sciences, Bioschemas takes the lead, encouraging experts to use markup on their websites. By extending to cover labels specific to the life sciences, content can be widely machine-automated and discovered.

Recognising the value of Bioschemas’ work, the latest release of the vocabulary includes types for providing high-level descriptions of genes, proteins, molecular entities, chemical substances and taxons.

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