ENRIITC Consortium mentioned in the ESFRI Roadmap 2021!


The ESFRI Roadmap contains probably the best European science facilities based on a thorough evaluation and selection procedure. It combines ESFRI Projects, which are new research infrastructures in progress towards implementation, and ESFRI Landmarks, successfully implemented Research Infrastructures. The document also describes the broader Landscape of research in Europe which is an important component to ESFRI methodology.

It is composed by 4 main sections, which are:

Within the section N2 (Landscape analysis), it’s provided the the current context of the most relevant Research Infrastructures that are available to European scientists and to technology developers typically through peer review of competitive proposals. Along with the advanced analysis of the scientific needs and existing Research Infrastructure gaps as well as directions for strategic investments in the future that would help maintain Europe’s leadership in the global context, the ENRIITC Consortium is mentioned!

We also would like to notice the ENRIITC Consortium, which presently brings together 11 actors among which EMSO ERIC , EATRIS, ESRF – The European Synchrotron, European Spallation Source ERIC, & CLARIN ERIC. This consortium brings together actors from industry & RIs and can have important socio-economic impacts. It is also a forum for RIs to exchange experience and good practices“.

The new ERA concept as an interconnected environment of which RIs are an important element is not restricted only to research, it extends also to other areas like education, innovation, health and public welfare, and others. While interconnecting research with other policy domains and by contributing to broader EU agendas, RIs are kernels of sustainable economic development, territorial cohesion in Europe, and an important element of international cooperation.

To learn more and to browse the Roadmap, click here!


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