#ENRIITCyourCoffee S4 E11: The VINNOVA Innovation Scheme

Welcome to the recap of the #ENRIITCyourCoffee season 4 episode 11, dedicated to Vinnova, Sweden’s Government Innovation agency.

Anne-Charlotte Joubert opened the episode by welcoming the participants and introducing Maria Öhman, program manager at Vinnova, who hosted the session and gave us an overview about the organisation and their funding scheme: “Industrial Pilot Projects.”

Vinnova is a Swedish governmental agency under the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation and is the national contact authority for the EU framework programme for research and innovation. With its 200 employees, Vinnova aims to build Sweden’s innovation capacity and make Sweden an innovative force in a sustainable world.

The areas that they hold as a priority are as follows:

  • Smart cities;
  • Next generation travel and transport;
  • Circular and bio-based economy;
  • Life Science;
  • Connected Industry and new materials.

Designed in 2018 in the context of MAX IV and ESS being established in Lund SE, the Industrial Pilot Project funding scheme aims to increase awareness on how industrial R&I can benefit from the capacity at neutron and synchrotron facilities. To see the requirements for submitting a proposal, please few Maria’s presentation here.

Since its start, 105 Pilot projects have been funded, including more than 80 individual needs-owning companies. The public End-of-project report, which has already been disseminated and is publicly available in a PDF format here, describes industrial challenges, motivation for using LSRIs, brief descriptions of choice of experimental station/facility, as well as results, expected impact and contact data to company and expert.

Maria concluded the session highlighting the Vinnova LSRIs and expert support, who come from more than 15 different organisation and increased the capacity of intermediaries with competence and knowledge to identify and assist in both the “real need” and the “right solution”.

 Click here to download Vinnova presentation!

The recording of the session can be viewed in full below.

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