#ENRIITCyourCoffee Season 2: Episode 5 – “What is Innovation Procurement and it’s important?”

The fifth episode of Season 2 of #ENRIITCyourCoffee has taken place. It was a fantastic session on the topic of “What is innovation procurement and why is it important?”

Anne-Charlotte Joubert opened the virtual gathering with an interactive Mentimeter presentation to gauge the knowledge and expectations of the group. She asked whether people are familiar with the innovation procurement policy of the European Commission. It was quickly established that the majority of the group were not familiar with the policy.

Anne-Charlotte then handed over the floor to Stephan Corvers who is the founder and owner of Corvers Commerical and Legal Affairs, and has over 25 years of experience in European public procurement law. Stephan began by giving an introduction to “European Assistance For Innovation Procurement”, or “eafip” for short. He explained that eafip is an initiative financed by the European Commission for providing local assistance to public procurers for starting new innovation procurement and for promoting good practices and reinforcing the evidence base on completed innovation procurements. He then went through the eafip outreach activities before handing the floor over to Dr Ana Isabel Peiró Baquedano (Anabel).

Anabel is a Legal Procurement Consultant from Corvers with extensive research experience at various universities in Europe, including Milan, Trento, Munich and Münster. Anabel then went through the step-by-step methodology that has been successfully implemented across Europe and is backed up by the European Commission.

Anabel talked about the iPlytics platform that can be used for swift assessment, and then she presented the main steps of innovation procurement. These are:

  • Step 1: Needs identification and assessment.
  • Step 2: Prior art analysis and IPR search.
  • Step 3: Analysis of the standards landscape.
  • Step 4: Open market consultations.
  • Step 5: business case value calculations.

Anabel concluded her section with a step-by-step overview of the eafip methodology and defining the procurement strategy based on TRL.

The session then opened up to the group for questions. It became clear that there is a strong need for innovation procurement.

You can watch the recording below to find out more, or head over to the “#ENRIITCyourNetwork” LinkedIn group to continue the discussion: www.linkedin.com/groups/8992845

Tune in next week for a special episode on “The role of industry in technology development and testing at RIs” led by Dr Claudia Pfander, Industry Board Coordinator at Euro-BioImaging. Find out more and register to attend here: https://enriitc.eu/event/enriitcyourcoffee-season-2-episode-6-the-role-of-industry-in-technology-development-and-testing-at-ris/


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