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The National Contact Points are support structures established by Member States (MS) and Associated Countries (AC) and recognized by the European Commission (EC) in order to help participants to access the different EU Programme opportunities. For Horizon Europe there will be 16 NCP different functions apart from the NCP national coordinator, giving support to participants across the different parts of the programme.

This “Horizon Europe NCP Portal” aims to offer both NCPs and participants access to the vast knowledge, support tools and services that NCPs develop to support the wide participation in Horizon Europe.

The mission of this portal is to serve as a stable entry point during the whole duration of the programme, complementing the official Funding and Tender Portal.

While you will find the official information to participate in Horizon Europe in the Funding and Tender Portal, what you will find here are useful tools and services, developed by NCPs, that offer you an added value support to participate in the different parts of Horizon Europe, under an intuitive and easy-to-navigate portal.

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